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LXM HeadWrapz for Orem Utah. OH MY!

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Almost four years ago next month LXM was only a thought of a few businessmen and lacrosse player’s minds.  Over a thousand amped up lacrosse fans sat down to watch the first ever LXM game. On the field were two helmets that looked very different. The goalies helmets were completely wrapped in pink and blue. This was something that no one had never really seen before. Not only was this the first LXM game, but also a grand entrance to a company that some sports fans know as HeadWrapz.

Orem Utah, known for its beautiful weather and seclusion, this weekend was host for the LXM. The LXM is on the rise as a highly respectful lacrosse league throughout the country.  It’s recognized to encompass a plethora of talent including two Tewarraton winners, Kyle Harrison and Peter Baum. Not only does it encompass these award winners, but also a vast amount of record holders and All Americans in their respectable leagues.

Although the talent is the reason that most come out to watch, the gear this weekend was off the chart. Headline sponsors including Cascade, STX, and Maverick we’re all present hooking up the teams from head to toe.  Headwrapz was even present this weekend hooking up both teams with custom wrapz for the tour ahead.

Chrome is trending and it is looking real clean. Both teams added a little “ice” this weekend in Orem on their helmets. Team STX went a little more conservative having to deal with the pink in their uniforms, while Team Maverick added a little lime green chrome accents on their R’s. We caught up with Shamel Bratton (UVA All American graduate) and he had nothing but great things about the design this round. He joked about how its crazy how he went from wearing one helmet to having 6 in his bag now. “I really think it’s great how you can change it up every other game or day even. I think it really throws in some flavor to the game and makes it more fun to be around.”


James GravittLXM HeadWrapz for Orem Utah. OH MY!

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