395 Starz – Adrenaline HeadWrapz

     Starz Lacrosse Club is an elite program created to provide additional instruction and competition to select players. Designed to compliment local youth through programs, Starz takes the best players, male and female, and provides the opportunity to compete at the elite level with some of the best coaches in the sport today! They look

Arta Tequila HeadWrapz

Scott Anderson, a friend from Players Bench in Colorado, came to us with an interesting design for a local tequila company team, Arta Tequila. The multiple award winning Arta Tequila was founded in 2008 by David Fox in Denver, Colorado. Scott told us we had free range of the design, just sending us the Arta

Team 24/7 HeadWrapz

Our good friend Ryan Flanagan asked us to dial up some new HeadWrapz for Team 24/7 this year. He wasn’t looking for a full HeadWrapz design but in stead the HW50 (half-wrap). The design consists of two blown out Team 24/7 logos on the sides. On the back neck insert we have the city in

A Special Congratulations

     Here at HeadWrapz, we get the pleasure to meet some of the best players to ever play the game of Lacrosse. Its an even better feeling when you can say you met some of the members that will represent Team USA at the FIL World Championship, July 10-19 in Denver. We want to send

Notre Dame de Namur HeadWrapz Decals

The 2014 Notre Dame de Namur HeadWrapz Decals are pretty serious. When head coach Kevin Arabejo of Notre Dame de Namur Men’s Lacrosse wanted to make his Cascade R helmets look like an ancient Greek Argonaut helmet, he called THE Original – HeadWrapz. One of the most important details in what we do here at HeadWrapz is design. Along

LXM HeadWrapz for Orem Utah. OH MY!

Almost four years ago next month LXM was only a thought of a few businessmen and lacrosse player’s minds.  Over a thousand amped up lacrosse fans sat down to watch the first ever LXM game. On the field were two helmets that looked very different. The goalies helmets were completely wrapped in pink and blue. This

Final Installation of the Trilogy HeadWrapz

HeadWrapz dialed up some really good looking wrapz for the final five teams powered by the Trilogy brand, including the Syracuse Roadhawks, Montclair Diesel, the West Essex Diesel, the Pittsburgh Revolution and Trilogy West. These lid designs, shown below on Cascade CPX-R helmets, are a product of Trilogy and HeadWrapz joining forces, which Inside Lacrosse

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Trilogy Lacrosse Partners With HeadWrapz

Trilogy Lacrosse and HeadWrapz® have announced a partnership that will feature all Trilogy Club Program players in team-specific HeadWrapz helmet decals. In addition to the decals, players will be able to purchase customized, full-helmet HeadWrapz decal designs to complete their individual club team uniforms. Black, gray and light blue Trilogy Lacrosse Headwrapz® will also be