AFCA Convention January 7-10, 2017

We arrived in Nashville for the AFCA Convention on the day before it was set to start and since it was our first convention we didn’t really know what to expect.  Upon our arrival, aside from the cold weather, the first thing that we could not help but notice was how nice everyone seemed to

395 Starz – Adrenaline HeadWrapz

     Starz Lacrosse Club is an elite program created to provide additional instruction and competition to select players. Designed to compliment local youth through programs, Starz takes the best players, male and female, and provides the opportunity to compete at the elite level with some of the best coaches in the sport today! They look

Arta Tequila HeadWrapz

Scott Anderson, a friend from Players Bench in Colorado, came to us with an interesting design for a local tequila company team, Arta Tequila. The multiple award winning Arta Tequila was founded in 2008 by David Fox in Denver, Colorado. Scott told us we had free range of the design, just sending us the Arta

HeadWrapz Snowboard Wrapz

       Have you ever wanted to personalize your very own snowboard or skis? Well it looks like the wait is over! A couple weeks ago, our Sr. Designer, David G. went on a ski trip and had a great idea to try and wrap his own snowboard. The design team at HeadWrapz went

A Special Congratulations

     Here at HeadWrapz, we get the pleasure to meet some of the best players to ever play the game of Lacrosse. Its an even better feeling when you can say you met some of the members that will represent Team USA at the FIL World Championship, July 10-19 in Denver. We want to send

LXM HeadWrapz for Orem Utah. OH MY!

Almost four years ago next month LXM was only a thought of a few businessmen and lacrosse player’s minds.  Over a thousand amped up lacrosse fans sat down to watch the first ever LXM game. On the field were two helmets that looked very different. The goalies helmets were completely wrapped in pink and blue. This

Welcome to the all new

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