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snowboard       Have you ever wanted to personalize your very own snowboard or skis? Well it looks like the wait is over! A couple weeks ago, our Sr. Designer, David G. went on a ski trip and had a great idea to try and wrap his own snowboard. The design team at HeadWrapz went straight to work knowing that this could be a great stepping stone in branching out into other sports and growing the HeadWrapz family. We tried to make this design as personable as we could using his office nickname of “Glaser Beam” as well as his closest friends given nickname of “Hollywood”. David went to college and lived in New Orleans, Louisiana for almost 10 years, so we created an amazing logo using the Fleur-De-Lis and his interlocking initials. HeadWrapz didn’t stop there. With the help of our friends at Triple Eight, they provided a helmet that of course we wrapped to match the snowboard.


Once on the mountain the design got a lot of feedback. Snowboards are known for unique designs but most of the design work is on the bottom, but to see a fully customizable design on the top of the board so that everyone can see it was a big hit on the mountain. We’re sure you are wondering, how did the wrap hold up? Well, the wrap held up perfect in the cold weather. The cutting and edging in and out of the snow did not cause the wrap to rip or peel up. The wrap is still on David’s board and will be tested again very soon.

Do you want your snowboard or skis to stand out among the rest next time you are on the mountain? Make sure you get them from The Original. Contact HeadWrapz today and tell us your design ideas and what board/skis you have and we will take care of the rest. Call us at 702.475.6412 or email [email protected] to get started.


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