Frequently Asked Questions

Can I design a single custom HeadWrapz®?

  • Yes, you can design a single custom HeadWrapz® by visiting our custom orders page and following the required steps. In the comments section, describe your design concept. HeadWrapz® custom orders page

What type of helmets does HeadWrapz® wrap?

  • HeadWrapz® decals fit, Lacrosse: Cascade R, Cascade CPX-R, Cascade Pro7, Cascade CPV, Cascade CPX, Cascade CS Youth, Cascade CLH2, Warrior TII, Brine Triumph, Brine STr, Easton Raptor, Easton GT. Hockey: Cascade M-11, Cascade M-11 Pro, Easton S9, Easton S19, CCM VO4, Bauer 4500, Bauer 7500, Reebok 11k. Baseball/Softball: Rawlings CFHL1, Rawlings CFHL2, All Star BH3500, Shutt Air 6. Football: most football helmets.
  • Don’t see the helmet you are looking to get wrapped? Call or email our customer service department at 702.475.6411 or [email protected].

What kind of artwork do I need to provide for creating a custom HeadWrapz®?

  • HeadWrapz® requires all artwork to either be a high resolution .jpeg (800 x 800 pixels minimum) or vector files (.eps or .ai).
  • The use of trademarked or copyrighted images must be authorized or granted permission in writing for HeadWrapz® to reproduce.

Does HeadWrapz® sell helmets?

  • No, HeadWrapz® does not sell helmets.

How can I order HeadWrapz® for my team?

  • The first step in getting your team in brand new HeadWrapz® is to complete the team orders form on our team orders page. After completion, someone from the HeadWrapz® team sales department will contact you regarding your team order.
  • In the comments section of the form, please describe your design concept in detail which will allow our designers to fully understand what you are trying to accomplish in the design.

Is there a price break for team purchases?

  • Yes, there is a price break for team orders. Please call or email us at 702.475.6411 or [email protected] to get HeadWrapz® price breakdown.

I am a new player or did not order with the team and they already have HeadWrapz®. How can I order an individual HeadWrapz® from a past team order?

  • To order a individual HeadWrapz® from a previous team order please search for your team in our team store, if you cannot find your team please visit our custom orders page and submit your order. Then in the comments section please note the specific team that you play for.

How long does it take for my HeadWrapz® to arrive?

  • Depending on our product schedule, typical turnaround time is approximately 7 – 10 business days from the time of color approval.

Are there instructions on how to install my HeadWrapz® decals?

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